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Yoga Lab


Wellness is Important

The most productive and efficient workforce is one which is healthy, energetic and enthusiastic about their work.

These are things which are easily neglected   when meeting the demands of a busy work schedule.

We risk losing connection to our bodies, feeling stressed, anxious and tense.


Our yoga sessions focus on bringing awareness back to the body and improving postural alignment through a fun and flowing sequence of postures. Sessions focus on using the breath and meditation techniques to reduce stress and tension in the body and promote a positive, calmer state of mind. 


With an open body and mind, you will be ready to get back to your work with a fresh perspective and a smile on your face! 


Is this for you?

All we need is an empty space and a spare hour during, before or after your working day and we will bring the yoga to you!

Sessions are aimed at beginners and those with little or no experience of yoga or other forms of movement.

STEM, Science, Communication, training, public, engagement, flux, lecture, CPD

What do our SessionS look like?

  •  A gentle sequence of postures to get the body moving and increase the heart rate

  •  Introduction to the correct alignment of poses to work towards improving postural alignment

  • Working into postures that explore common problem areas; lower back pain, tense shoulders, tight hips etc

  • Attention to strengthening the muscles to find a wider base of support in the body

  • Working into postures, to give students greater flexibility and a wider range of motion

  • Focus on breathing and meditation to aid the movement, clear the mind and reduce stress levels

  • A positive approach to working with mind/body connection to promote a healthier relationship and awareness to the body

STEM, Science, Communication, training, public, engagement, flux, lecture, CPD


Yoga & Well-being for the Science & STEM workforce.

  • All sessions are aimed at beginners


  • Available for one hour sessions to suit you and your colleagues.

  • Fully Qualified Yoga Instructors with Science Communication experience.

Ella Tighe

Bringing Yoga to You

Ella teaches a Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga Class which draws from Ella’s practice of Rocket/Mandala Vinyasa Yoga and her dance and somatic practices training.


Ella encourages students to find clarity, precision and a place to let go in her classes, cultivating a deeper awareness of the present moment to be carried off the mat and into everyday life.


Focusing on flowing sequences of postures that challenge balance, flexibility and strength; classes can be fast paced if you need something to shake off your office stillness, or they can be slow and contemplative for those who are just starting their yoga journey.


Classes will leave you feeling energised, with more space and length in the body and prepared for the rest of your working day.

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